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Chat NikitAz55 Today 10:20 "I would like to play 3v3 on eune i dont have a team im d5 if anybody wants to test me add me on skyp"

Help us to keep the 3on3 NA content

Looking for new motivated admins

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Fcarreiro13: fabiomp11

Added 15. dec 16:40 in "My Montage"

Yugis: Comments section enabled!

Added 11. dec 17:38 in "Help us to keep the 3on3 NA content"

XCriticalSnipeX: nice play

Added 2. nov 03:38 in "M4nk3y Outplay in Voidleague T"

XCriticalSnipeX: O.o sk do not expect that hahahah :) <3 fnatic

Added 2. nov 03:38 in "xPeke smashes SK Gaming down"

XCriticalSnipeX: where can i join ?

Added 1. nov 17:23 in "1on1 Howling Abyss tournaments are back!"

HaseAufSpeed: well that's why i love beeing the aeo caster at bot and make a tripple when they trya to gank me like this (especially when I'm ziggy)

Added 1. nov 08:11 in "M4nk3y Outplay in Voidleague T"

Xmaui: first

Added 4. oct 09:33 in "M4nk3y Outplay in Voidleague T"

Yugis: Great news! Double eliminations tests were successful. Will try in today's tournament east 3on3 or in next week!

Added 23. aug 20:05 in "Double Eliminations brackets (3vs3 & ARAM)"