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Double eliminations removed / NA ARAM?

Double eliminations brackets removed / NA ARAM coming soon?

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Yugis: They don't have qualification tournament for Russia either.

Added 25. jan 10:25 in "Kings of the East"

Alexic: I wonder would it be possible for me to join this tournament, cause i am from Lithuania, but with 4 teammates from Russia?

Added 25. jan 09:52 in "Kings of the East"

WU_JustSmile6: GG VoidLeague ;) Well we're very new to VoidLeague as a team but we really enjoyed our first experiences and are now really hyped for the changes to come. I like the idea of this site and VoidLeague in general to be a more active (and maybe interactive) platform where we will want to hang out, get information, find new teammates etc. Thanks for being there for the LoL Community VoidLeague ;)

Added 13. jan 19:57 in "Ranking reset & improvements to it & More"

Yugis: It's a very old article ;)

Added 5. jan 14:23 in "1on1 Howling Abyss tournaments are back!"

pumanitro: where can i join ?

Added 4. jan 11:24 in "1on1 Howling Abyss tournaments are back!"

Fcarreiro13: fabiomp11

Added 15. dec 2014 16:40 in "My Montage"

WiNtT: 3v3 eu

Added 13. dec 2014 14:20 in ""

Yugis: Comments section enabled!

Added 11. dec 2014 17:38 in "Help us to keep the 3on3 NA content"

XCriticalSnipeX: nice play

Added 2. nov 2014 03:38 in "M4nk3y Outplay in Voidleague T"